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10 Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants Near Asheville, NC

We live in a foodie town. The food is eclectic, appetizing, and we want to enjoy our pretty plates and bitter beers. After having children, our lists of restaurants significantly narrowed and our search for the perfect kid-friendly eateries has become a mission. Here are 10 wonderful restaurants in/near Asheville that serve up some great food and service. 

10. Tupelo Honey -Asheville and Arden (Our kids love those big biscuits, honey, and blueberry jam. There are great kids options like sweet potato pancakes and mini burgers.)

9. Blue Sky Cafe -Fletcher (It is known for a family-friendly atmosphere, and seating options for indoors near a kid play area or outdoors on the patio.  There are discounts for kids on Wednesdays, plus if you are in a rush, you can go through the drive-thru for an easy dinner.)

8. Moe's -Arden (Yes, it's a huge chain, but our kids ask for it all the time and their food is better quality than most chain restaurants. On Tuesday nights, a sweet clown lady makes animal balloons for a small donation, and there are discounted meals!)

7. Dolly's Dairy Bar & Gift Shop -Pisgah Forest (Wow! The ice cream choices at Dolly's are endless and yet my girl craves their vanilla.  It can get crowded in the summer months especially with all the camp kids exploring Pisgah National Forest, but the wait and drive is worth it for us.  We appreciate the benches, shaded tables and rocking chairs!)

6. Local Joint -Fairview (I'm fairly positive this is the best restaurant attached to a convenient store ever.  The girls can have their favorites, and of course they will add chocolate syrup to your milk!)

5. Bar Taco -Asheville (Who doesn't love yummy tacos? This amazing restaurant is also a chain and located in a handful of states.  We love the kid-friendly atmosphere and the kids-a-dillas will keep your kids coming back!)

4. Asheville Brew and View -Asheville (They have wonderful pizza, parties, and cinema! The movies are all $3 and most of the kid-friendly movie viewing options are at 1pm and 4pm daily.  The birthday events here for kids are awesome!)

3. Farm Burger -Arden and Asheville (The best burgers around are at Farm Burger, and if you don't get those parmesan fries, try the fruit/veggie side with the homemade almond or sunflower butter, yum!  Both locations have some seating outside.)

2. Sierra Nevada -Mills River (If you haven't ventured over to the Sierra Nevada Brewery in Mills River, you should go!  Feel free to take the kids and be amazed at their outdoor space where kids can run around and play while you take in some delectable food that changes seasonally and of course, beer.  The kids can select from oven-baked pizzas to PB&J flatbreads.)

1.  Native Kitchen and Social Pub -Swannanoa (We go here all the time and the kids beg us to come back!  The amazing local food, and wonderful kids menu are truly unparalleled here, plus The Backyard, behind the restaurant is a fenced area with tables, flowers, trees and lots of room for the kids to run around in while we eat outside when it's warm.)  

We strive to support local businesses within our community.  Our children are learning from us each day and by spending our money where we live on the foods we love, we can set an example for them.  You inspire us Asheville!  


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