About Us

Looking Glass Clothing Company Co Founders Jen Nicks and Leigh Ann Conner

Our Story:

Looking Glass Clothing Company was born in January 2016 when Jen and Leigh Ann, two moms of two girls each, stumbled upon a shared dream of creating a clothing line for little girls. Our varied backgrounds in art and marketing allowed us the unique opportunity to combine what we love into a way to provide for our families. With a built-in focus group of four little girls and their sweet friends we started designing dresses and outfits that they would love to wear. When we heard them say they “didn’t want to take the clothes off ever,” we knew we were on to something. 

The business grew over the next four years and our cottage sewn designs were in forty stores across the USA. When Covid-19 arrived in 2020, our retail dreams crashed and progress stalled. We had no seamstresses, no inventory in any stores, and our money flow was just not there. Over the past two years we have sold off our past inventory, and are transitioning the company into a t-shirt business. We have loved meeting new people, creating t-shirts for different companies, and creating some cute, fun best selling youth and adult tees in Asheville, NC.


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